Intervention Projects Overview

School based Technological Package .

Water supply and sanitation in most rural schools are inadequate and sometimes do not exist at all. In most cases, school children have literally no source of water within their vicinity, and poor sanitation and hygiene is a norm rather than exception. Drinking water is brought by pupils from distance sources, which are normally unprotected/untreated. Pupils also fetch water for cooking their lunch-school meal programme, for their resident teachers, and dusting-off their classrooms (most classes have uncemented/mud floors). This means that pupils spend significant amount of their learning time to fetch water.

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Technological package for Pastoral communities

Following are the main components of the technological promotion package for pastoral communities:
1. Water pans and earth dams
Water is one of the most important factors in poverty reduction and sustainable development in arid and semi-arid environments. Water pans and earth dams are a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to provide communities with a sustainable water supply.
KRA works with local sub-contractors to construct and/or rehabilitate communal water systems (earth dams or water pans) of between 15,000-30,000m3 storage capacity. Each communal water system provides water for livestock, domestic and micro-irrigation for around 3,000 people and over 20,000 livestock.

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Technological Package for Agro-pastoralists

1. Farm pond for runoff storage
The farm pond is an underground runoff storage reservoir – a truncated rectangular pyramid shaped – lined with a 0.8mm thick ultra-violet resistant plastic sheet (to control seepage losses), and roofed either with iron sheet or shade net (to reduce evaporation, contamination, and risk of drowning). The farm pond harvests surface runoff and direct precipitation (either from iron sheet roof or through the 80% shade net roof). For a 50m3, the top and bottom dimensions are 8m by 6m, and 4m by 2m respectively, while the depth is 2m – with 1:1 side slope. Different dimensions for the farm pond can be adopted, for example 72 or 90m3 storage capacity, are being promoted for primary schools – vegetable production, establishment of tree seedling nurseries, and supplementary irrigation of tree and fruit seedlings.

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